Finding Truth


Are you in search of the truth or are you looking for validation for what you already believe? I believe attempting to find truth is a very noble pursuit. The internet, the information superhighway, does not necessarily disseminate truth. Researches have found that salacious lies travel faster on social media than do facts. So, how do you tell something is true? The great philosophers have grappled with what makes something truth since the dawn of thought.

Science has tried for centuries to explain the physical world to the dismay of those who want their beliefs unexplored. Some of the people, often those in political or religious power, have always been enamored by ideas that protect their views and their ability to hold power over others. Thus, when looking at explanations of the truth, I am always scrutinizing the motivation of those exclaiming. If their sense of reality is overtly biased towards their power and control, then I find it suspect.

Another measure of truth is a bit obvious. If a person bases their idea on a gross generality, it is generally not correct, for humanity is far too varied for a single statement to encompass broad groups of people correctly. Thus if a person says all or every person, place or thing, their statement is most likely a stereotype rather than a truism. When we stand on a stereotypical idea as truth, we immediately disenfranchise those for whom the statement is false. Thus, the report may have some truth, but in fact, it is not the truth for many and believing the idea as truth for all can lead to discrimination.

So, finding truth comes from embracing the difference within each person. Sharing ideas, but not holding your thoughts out as absolutes, listening to others with the goal of understanding their view of reality rather than imposing reality on them. This concept is frightening if one believes they already know what is right, but a closed mind is the home of the greatest deception.

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